Cybersecurity Solutions

For Your Field Offices

Protecting Private Data Through Safeguards & Technical Controls

Cybersecurity Deployment

Automated Provisioning

We deliver cybersecurity through your current identification tool or with a single software agent installer

No User Intervention or Disruption

Our managed services do not require users or IT teams to be involved

Any Device, Anywhere

We support field offices and BYOD devices on local networks and at any location


Security Policy Enforcement

Compliance Match

We match your security policies with the regulations requirements you have to meet

Minimum Standards & Safeguards

We enforce the configuration of cyber settings and software according to your security policies

Best Practices

We provide your field offices with ready-to-use templates so they can evidence their compliance


Security Risk Assessment


We run internal and external vulnerability scans and verify security policies and procedures consistency

Risk Score

We provide risk scores to quantify issues into measurable values that can be tracked over time

Plan of Actions & Milestones (POA&M)

We support your field offices to plan and track remediation based on findings from security control assessments


Incident Response & Breach Support

Response Types

We offer automated incident response, Cyber expert incident response, and zero-day/mass vulnerability response

Threat Case Management

We document the case, remediate while preserving evidence, and participate in breach determination

Breach Support

We present incident response summary and evidence to regulators, authorities, and Cyber insurers

FCI is a proud participant in FINRA’s Preferred Pricing Program

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Automated, Reliable & Scalable


Managed Endpoint Protection, Monitoring & Incident Response


Managed Firewall Protection, Monitoring & Incident Response

Security Risk Assessment

Technical Controls & Vulnerability Scans


Integration Platform As A Service for Secure CRM Sync

What Differentiates FCI