Network Security

Automated & Managed

For Local Networks & Remote Endpoints

Managed Network Security Services

  • FCI NIST-Based Technical Control Standard Enforcement​​
  • Firewall Patching & Updates
  • Data Loss Prevention & Data Leakage Protection
  • 24x7 Cyber Threat Monitoring
  • 24x7 Cyber Compliance Monitoring
  • Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Security Incident Event Monitoring & Management
  • Log/Data Aggregation Securely Transmitted & Stored, Eliminating Overwrite Risk
  • Real-Time Security Alerts & Reporting


  • Network Content Filtering
  • Gateway SSL VPN for Remote Users
  • No Opened Ports
  • No Remote Desktop Access
  • Off-Site Log Retention


  • Endpoints must be secured by FCI
  • Firewalls must be supported by FCI

Pricing based on

  • Maximum number of simultaneous connected local devices
  • Maximum number of simultaneous connected VPN users
  • Internet connection speed
  • Plan to increase number of devices

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