An integrated, modernized cybersecurity platform built for compliance alignment from years of experience in the Financial Services Industry with all the modules needed to effectively service large Enterprises, their Field Offices, Independent Advisors, and Vendors


Automation for Scalability

Cyber consistency cannot be achieved through a manual process


Endpoint & Network Protection​

“Managed” means you have nothing to do. Without user disruption or interruption, FCI protects your endpoints and networks while you focus on your core business.

Thanks to temper protection, no program or individual can disable, uninstall or change what we manage. This ensures your cyber settings and tools adhere to your policies and procedures.

Compliance Requirements

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Office, BYOD, Home, Remote, Travel... and Space!


Evidence of Compliance

Attestations are no longer enough. In the event of an audit, an exam, or a breach, you will have to demonstrate evidence (proof) that you are compliant. No worry, we have you covered.

The best way to prepare for this, and a cybersecurity regulation requirement, is to let us perform a security assessment of your systems, devices, and networks.​

NIST-Based Asset Inventory Report

SIEM for Persistent Audit Trails

Security Assessment

Verify First, Then Trust

A Zero Trust approach considers users, devices, and systems as potential threats until proven otherwise

Holistic Cybersecurity Ecosystem



Identify Users with Identity Provider (IDP) & MFA Solutions


Validate Endpoint compliance at the time of login to Systems of Private Data


Ensure Network protection with Firewall and Gateway VPN Solutions

Protection Against Unknown Devices​​

Advanced solutions for Home Offices and Enterprises


Cybersecurity Policy Enforcement System

One of your biggest risks is having users login to a system of private data with unknown devices. FCI’s solution validates the cyber posture of a device before letting it access the system.​

Systems of Private Data Gateway​

Validation of compliance at the time of login​

Integration with Web App Identification Gateway

Device Identification


Validation of Compliance at the Time of Login

To stop unknown devices from accessing systems of private data

Cybersecurity Examination Initiative

SEC Risk Alert Volume IV, Issue 8

"... monitoring exfiltration and unauthorized distribution of sensitive information outside of the Firm through various distribution channels (e.g., email, physical media, hard copy, or web-based file transfer programs) and any documentation evidencing this monitoring."

Protection Against Data Exfiltration

Advanced solutions for Home Offices and Enterprises


Cybersecurity Policy Violation System

Most of the efforts in cybersecurity are invested to protect you against external threats. What about internal threats when users, on purpose or by mistake, send private data to an external location or access Websites that are not allowed? ​

Data Exfiltration Protection

Data Leakage Protection (DLP)

Management Tools

Web Controls

Removable Storage (USB, Drive, etc.)

File Content