Zero Trust Ecosystem

Covering all parts of cybersecurity to ensure better security and full compliance

Verify First, Then Trust

A Zero Trust approach considers users, endpoints, software, and networks as potential threats until proven otherwise


Hardening software and validating user and endpoint compliance at the time of login to systems of private data


Verifying that only authorized users can access private data, endpoints, software, and networks


Automating and managing the enforcement of cybersecurity settings and endpoint protection


Enforcing secure and encrypted communication inside and outside corporate networks

Identity & Access Management

A framework of policies and technologies to ensure the right users and devices have the appropriate access to right systems and technology resources

Cybersecurity Ecosystem Strategies

Verify first, then trust

Zero Trust Infographic

The New Business Security Lifestyle

Zero Trust Delivered!

Validation of Compliance at the Time of Login

To stop unknown users, unknown devices, from unknown networks, from accessing systems of private data


Web App Security Gateway

Systems of Private Data Gateway

Protection against unauthorized users and non-compliant endpoints

One of your biggest risks is having users login to a system of private data with unknown devices. FCI’s solution validates the cyber posture of a device before allowing it to access the system.​

Integration with Web App Identification Gateway

Device Identification