Endpoint Compliance

Next-Generation Endpoint Security Audit & Compliance System for Financial Services


You cannot secure what you cannot see

Visibility is the first step to cybersecurity compliance


Audit System

FCI’s Next Generation Endpoint Security Audit and Compliance (ESAC) system is specifically designed for financial services organizations. This innovative solution is set to replace outdated legacy systems that have fallen short of user expectations in performance and support. As the first layer of the FCI SOAR (Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response) platform, it sets the foundation for comprehensive security and compliance management.


Evidence of Compliance

Attestations are no longer sufficient. In the event of an audit, an exam, or a breach, you must provide concrete evidence (proof) of compliance. No worries, we have you covered.

The most effective way to prepare for this, and a key cybersecurity regulatory requirement, is to gain visibility into your endpoint cyber posture.

Technical Information Asset Inventory Report

Cyber Posture Asset Inventory Report

Actionable Dashboard


Key Features

ESAC offers a comprehensive approach to auditing and securing financial services firms’ digital environments.


It ensures compliance with stringent regulatory requirements and provides a user-friendly interface designed with extensive user feedback.

Comprehensive Auditing

Enhanced User Experience

Superior Support

Competitive Pricing

Automated Legacy System Uninstallation

Avoid the pitfalls of legacy audit and monitoring tools

FCI's ESAC was specifically tailored to address and improve the issues that clients have historically faced.

Cumbersome & Costly Deployment

Instead of creating multiple installers for different segments or groups of users, FCI Audit solution provide one installer for all.

Rigid and Limited Segmenting Options

FCI solution offer predefined segments and allows for an unlimited set of custom segments.

Manual User Segmentation

Instead of manually assign segments to users, EASC allows for integration with existing systems for automated assignment.


Firm-Defined Enterprise Segmentation

You can group your users with flexibility with unlimited amount of segment that you can create to reflect the needs of your environment.


Branch or Agency

Firm Code

Supervisory Code

Choose your onw!


“We strongly recommend FCI to any firm with a desire to get cybersecurity protection and compliance.”

Nash Subotic, Founder & CEO
Westpac Wealth Partners

WestPac is an Agency of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

Do you need Visibility?

FCI's ESAC is a robust and reliable solution for financial services firms seeking to enhance their security posture and ensure regulatory compliance

Start with Cyber Posture Audit

As the first layer of our SOAR (Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response) platform, it sets the foundation for comprehensive security management

Leverage Best-of-Breed Solutions

With its comprehensive features, superior support, competitive pricing, automatic legacy system uninstallation, and ease of deployment, it represents a significant upgrade over legacy systems



  • Increased Security: Enhances the security posture of financial firms by identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Helps firms stay compliant with industry regulations, reducing the risk of fines and sanctions.
  • Operational Efficiency: Improves operational efficiency through automated audits and streamlined processes.
  • Cost Savings: Reduces costs associated with security breaches and non-compliance penalties.
  • Reduced Administrative Efforts: Simplifies the management of groups, reducing the administrative burden on IT staff.
  • Reduced Deployment Costs: Offers an easy system to deploy, significantly lowering the deployment costs compared to legacy systems.

Pricing Models

  • Features

  • Audit
  • Dashboard
  • Safeguard Enforcement
  • Endpoint Protection & EDR
  • CASB Compliance Check
  • Data Exfiltration / DLP
  • Always-On VPN
  • Enterprise

  • Pilot Project

  • Enterprise

  • Visibility

  • Option
  • Option
  • Option
  • Option
  • Option
  • All Firms

  • Zero Trust Core

  • Basic
  • Option
  • All Firms

  • Zero Trust Complete

  • Advanced