Security Risk Assessment

For Domains, Networks & Endpoints

FCI Managed Cyber Services per Function

NIST Function 1


Manage cybersecurity risk to systems, people, assets, and data

FCI Security Risk Assessment Identification Services

Technical Controls

  • Discovery Tasks
  • Issues Summary
  • External & Internal Vulnerabilities
  • Automated Vulnerability Scan
  • Penetration Testing
  • Unrestricted Web Content
  • Local Security Policy Consistency
  • Identification of Unfollowed Technical Governance Procedures
  • Risk Score


  • Screenshots & Pictures
  • Summary & Detailed Reports


  • Non-Technical Questionnaire
  • Policies & Procedures Review
  • Regulatory Compliance & Vendor Due Diligence Review
  • Onboarding & Decommission Device Process Review
  • Physical Security

NIST Function 4


Take action regarding a detected cybersecurity incident

FCI Security Risk Assessment Response Services

  • Remediation Plan of Actions and Milestones

NIST Function 2


Implement safeguards to ensure delivery of critical services

FCI Managed Protection Services

  • Remediate with required Endpoint and/or Network Security Services


FCI Network Support Services

  • Re-Assessment Until In-Good-Order
  • Re-Assessment Periodically



  • Endpoints must be secured by FCI

Pricing based on:

  • Number of domains, networks, servers, and endpoints
  • Number of teams if multiple domains or networks

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