Broker World Article Highlights FCI as Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance Solution

“Beware Of Cybersecurity Risks And How To Implement Regulatory Compliant Solutions”

By Ken Leibow


Cybersecurity is of critical importance in the financial services industry due to the sensitive nature of the data being handled and the regulations that the industry is subject to. Financial institutions are entrusted with their customers’ personal and financial information, and a breach of that information could lead to severe consequences for the institution and the individuals affected.


All regulations require financial institutions under their jurisdiction to implement a cybersecurity program that includes safeguards, vendor due diligence, risk assessments, employee training, and incident response plans. Most regulations also require annual certification of the cybersecurity program by a senior officer and the completion of regular penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.


FCI provides the financial services industry with cybersecurity solutions that solve the last mile of regulatory compliance and information security policy adherence.


For example, many advisors connect to their agency/firm using a personal computer and mobile device, which increases risk for exposure of personally identifiable information (PII) if those devices are not known and protected.


FCI delivers Managed Cybersecurity Services to Insurance Carriers, Brokers, and Agencies to ensure enforcement of cybersecurity controls and evidence of compliance:


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