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“We strongly recommend FCI to any firm with a desire to get cybersecurity protection and compliance.”

Nash Subotic, Founder & CEO
Westpac Wealth Partners

WestPac is an Agency of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

Are you ready for a breach?

There are specific steps, language, evidence and protocols to follow to ensure you are protected and ready to handle cyber situations.

What to do

Do you know the exact steps to take for incidents and breaches to ensure compliance at both the Home Office and Branch or Agency levels?

What to preserve

Do all parties know how to preserve evidence if an incident or breach happens?

What to say

Do you know how to speak to Cyber Insurers and the FBI when they question you about a breach?

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To meet cybersecurity regulations and stay safe

How cybersecurity impacts company valuation in M&A transactions

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"Brian Edelman is one of the few real cybersecurity experts who understand compliance...

A true thought leader"

Joel Bruckenstein


Are you prepared for a Zero Trust audit?

At any time, regulators, authorities, and cyber insurers can knock at your door and ask for evidence of compliance. With a short complimentary call with Managed Security Service Provider FCI, we will let you know.

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