Data Exfiltration Protection

Advanced solutions to avoid private data exfiltration

2020 Cybersecurity and Resiliency Observations

Insider Threat Monitoring

"... monitoring exfiltration and unauthorized distribution of sensitive information outside of the Firm through various distribution channels (e.g., email, physical media, hard copy, or web-based file transfer programs) and any documentation evidencing this monitoring."​

Cybersecurity Policy Violation System

Most of the efforts in cybersecurity are invested to protect you against external threats. What about internal threats when users, on purpose or by mistake, send private data to an external location or access Websites that are not allowed? ​

Data Exfiltration Protection

Protection against internal threats

Management Tools

Web Controls

Removable Storage (USB, Drive, etc.)

File Content

FINRA Report on Selected Cybersecurity Practices – 2018

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

"Restricting data downloads to USB, CD drives, and SD ports and other mobile devices, as well as blocking access to personal web email programs, cloud-based file sharing service providers and social media sites."​

3 Phases for Seamless Implementation

Flexible Configuration for Frictionless Deployment


Get insights about users behavior allows for an opened dialogue with users to validate errors from violations, discuss alternatives, or potentially justify and document exceptions.


At this phase, users are prompted when they are in violations and they decide to proceed or not. The CISO is alerted if they proceed.


Access to restricted Websites, use of restricted applications, transfer to removable storage, and transfer of files with monitored content will be blocked.