“How Cybersecurity is like the Wild West” article featuring Brian Edelman, FCI CEO

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Selected for his expertise in cybersecurity within the Financial Services industry, Brian Edelman, FCI CEO, shares key considerations for maintaining cybersecurity during unprecedented times in this thought leadership article featured by Finseca.

Likening cybersecurity to the wild west, Brian exemplifies changes brought on by the sudden necessity for remote workforce cybersecurity and accentuates the importance of due diligence to keep information safe.

In discussion with Jeff Reed, AIN CISO, Brian shares insight to the purpose of a company’s cybersecurity program to protect private data as well as ensure that incidents don’t become breaches.

Despite the undeniable need for cybersecurity in Financial Services, it hasn’t been until recent years that firms are adopting strong policies now being put into action. Now that firms have endured a critical race to secure their endpoints, the focus is shifting to hardening cybersecurity.

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This showcase article kicks off Finseca’s cybersecurity webinar series featuring Brian Edelman, FCI CEO, with Jeff Reed, Advantage Insurance Network CISO, discussing design, implementation, and management of a cybersecurity program.