Forbes cites Brian Edelman, FCI CEO & Cybersecurity Expert

Link to: “15 Ways to Leverage And Supplement AI In Your Cybersecurity Efforts”


With more companies moving to permanent remote or hybrid work models, more endpoints are accessing systems of private data without proper cybersecurity resulting in significant risk increase for a data breach.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be an incredibly helpful tool to support the protection of private information. But how does AI integrate into existing cybersecurity safeguards? An expert panel of Forbes Council members named 15 actions a business leader can take to leverage and supplement AI capabilities for cybersecurity.


Forbes Business Council cites member Brian Edelman, FCI CEO & Cybersecurity Expert’s recommendation for leaders to “select an endpoint protection system with AI capabilities that will not only check for antivirus and antimalware but will also analyze the behavior of users and  applications. This is critical today. Your good old antivirus is not enough anymore.”


Additional actionable recommendations made by the Forbes panel provide clear direction for decision makers in adopting AI features to strengthen cybersecurity.


For more information about a cybersecurity program for protection and evidence of regulation compliance contact FCI.


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