Finseca Webinar featuring Cybersecurity Expert and FCI CEO, Brian Edelman

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Join Finseca, Brian Edelman, CEO of FCI, and Jeff Reed, CISO of Advantage Insurance Network, for “Cybersecurity in 2021: New Threats, Resources and Regulatory Strategy” the first webinar of an exciting Finseca cybersecurity series throughout 2021.

Brian and Jeff will address recent cybersecurity news specific to the Solar Winds incident, the impact of a ‘supply chain hack’ and third-party due diligence requirements within the Financial Services industry.

Shifting focus to regulations, attendees will receive an overview on regulatory standards (NIST framework) and insight to the maturation of cybersecurity regulations, from attestation to the current evidence-based certification.

Explanation of the CISO role in the application of a firm’s information security policy and maintenance of a personal-CISO mindset by “paying attention to how data is treated” provides clear comprehension of multiple levels of cybersecurity.

This webinar series is sure to deliver continuous value in navigating complex cybersecurity topics and providing actionable recommendations!