FCI Sponsored Cybersecurity Panel Discussion

FCI sponsored a cybersecurity panel discussion at the Security, Privacy, Risk & Compliance Retreat, Amelia Island, FL hosted by Sub-Four Capital.


The security retreat brought together top C-level executives from Large Enterprises, Mid-Market, SMBs, and Law Firms fostering leadership exchange on cyber risk management and protection strategies.


Aiming to strengthen the most-likely-to-cause-a-breach variable, FCI supported the panel discussion “How to Address the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity.”


As the cyber threat landscape continues to advance (evidenced by routinely appearing data-breach news headlines) firms are obligated to continually expand cyber defenses. While, however, every business owner, executive, and board member are now hypersensitive to the impacts of cyber-crime, the focus primarily remains on protective tools and technology. As bad actors continue to increase the sophistication of their attacks, firms must invest into, adapt, and upgrade training protocols to address their primary cyber weakness: the human factor.


Although many industries already mandate employee training, cyber-attacks continue to increase, which indicates that more strategic applications of training are necessary. The panel strategized about employee cybersecurity awareness programs that successfully educate those interacting with closed, secure networks against inadvertently introducing risk.


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