FCI Mentioned In The 2024 T3 / Information Advisor Software Survey

LAS VEGAS, NV – January 25, 2024 – FCI proudly announces its inclusion in the esteemed 2024 T3 / Information Advisor Software Survey. This acknowledgment highlights FCI’s dedication to delivering exceptional and innovative cybersecurity solutions.  


The annual survey is presented and conducted by Joel Bruckenstein of T3 and Bob Veres of Inside Information, two technology and market experts in the FinTech landscape.  


FCI was noted as a cybersecurity resource and described as “a consulting partner that tests, evaluates, recommends and implements cyber solutions where needed, basically plugging holes the local IT people may not be aware of.” Joel Bruckenstien and Bob Veres also distinguished that “FCI may be the most comprehensive solution here.”  


“It’s truly humbling to see our company recognized once again in the T3 / Information Advisor Software Survey,” said Brian Edelman, CEO of FCI. “This recognition from both industry experts and our clients stands as a powerful testament to the relentless dedication of our team and our unwavering commitment to driving innovation within the cybersecurity landscape.” 


The survey collects perspectives from 2,917 individuals within the financial planning and investment advisory sector, making it the largest population examined in any technology survey within the advisory industry. Invitations were extended to the Inside Information and T3 readerships, as well as the AICPA PFP Section membership, the members of the Financial Planning Association, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, and the Investments & Wealth Institute. These participants answered questions across 38 fintech solution categories, generating comprehensive data on popular programs, market shares, and user satisfaction ratings.  


FCI’s inclusion in this prestigious survey reaffirms its position as a top cybersecurity solution for financial service firms in the industry. 


For more information on FCI and its cybersecurity solutions, please visit www.fcicyber.com. 


The survey can be found and downloaded at 2024-T3_Inside-Information-Software-Survey.pdf (t3technologyhub.com)