FCI Expands Co-Managed Cybersecurity Solutions for Cyber-Regulated Organizations

Leadership, IT Teams and MSPs Gain Increased Access & Shared Visibility


BLOOMFIELD, N.J. APRIL 19, 2022: FCI is pleased to announce an expanded offering for Enterprises with deeper Co-Managed Cybersecurity capabilities. New realities call for new models. FCI partners with Enterprises, their internal IT teams, and MSPs to define custom cybersecurity solutions that augment and adapt to teams’ skill sets while leveraging existing systems, processes and practices.


Working successfully with Tier 1 Enterprises, FCI co-manages cybersecurity with their teams to enhance setting controls to align with cybersecurity regulations. This approach allows for better interactions with cyber insurers and authorities. It is important to avoid getting caught up with the latest shiny object in the room (fixing the threat of the moment). FCI takes a holistic view of cybersecurity that encompasses a full range of critical cyber services implemented cooperatively with existing resources. This decentralized, utilitarian approach has built-in checks and balances for all types of threats. In this integrated offering, redundancy is automatically built into the system. If any one system is compromised, other systems in the NIST-based ecosystem can detect potential threats. Call it value-added security.


In the Gartner 2021 CIO Agenda Survey, cybersecurity currently ranks as the number one item for new technology spend. Gartner analysts state, “The strong growth rate reflects continuing demand for remote worker technologies and cloud security. With the opening of new attack surfaces due to the shift to remote work, cybersecurity continues to increase. 61% of respondents are increasing investment in cyber/information security.”


FCI CEO Brian Edelman adds, “FCI takes a unique approach in working with Enterprises where we protect your current investment, and then fill security gaps with best-of-breed solutions and expertise. This approach reduces overall cyber risk. We harden what’s there, provide structure, process and automation to environments, as required, for complete compliance.” The premise behind the Co-Managed solution:


  • Protect Past Investments
  • Harden Web Apps & Cloud Environments
  • Establish Clear Roles & Responsibilities
  • Design Custom & Holistic Cyber Ecosystem

About FCI Cyber
FCI is a NIST-Based Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offering Cybersecurity Compliance Enablement Technologies & Services to CISOs and security personnel of Financial Services organizations with prescriptive cybersecurity regulatory requirements. FCI blends best-of-breed technologies, cybersecurity best practices, expertise, and innovation to perform Security Assessments and deliver cloud-based Managed Endpoint and Network Protection. http://www.fcicyber.com