FCI CEO Brian Edelman chosen as one of the FPA Coaches for 2018

Coaching Program with Brian Edelman, Cybersecurity Expert and FCI CEO.
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FPA Coaches Corner to support the business needs of CFP® professionals


DENVER (April 4, 2018) – The Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) is pleased to announce it is bringing together some of the best and brightest thought-leaders and coaches in the business of financial planning to help 23,000 members, including more than 17,000 Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) professionals, reach new levels of productivity, profitability and success through the FPA Coaches Corner.


The FPA Coaches Corner, a one-stop-shop for content, tools and insights from some of the most recognized business coaches in the profession, will provide association members a vast library of business-building content in core practice management areas, including marketing and messaging, team development, cybersecurity, growth strategies, compliance, and creating the right mindset.


According to the FPA Research and Practice Institute’s 2016 Trends in Practice Management: Understanding and Driving Client Value report, some critical challenges and issues financial planners face are being able to communicate their value, manage a highly efficient operation, cybersecurity and data protection and more. Through the FPA Coaches Corner, financial planners will be able to address these business concerns and others by connecting with coaches who are eager to share their expertise.


“As the indispensable resource for CFP® professionals, we want to make sure our members are armed with the tools they need to not only be highly skilled in the practice of financial planning, but also in the business of financial planning,” says FPA Executive Director/CEO Lauren M. Schadle, CAE. “The FPA Coaches Corner will provide financial planners innovative resources they need to make key business improvements and advance their practices.”


The coaches participating in the FPA Coaches Corner will each own a specific area of practice management where their thought-leadership will be showcased.


The Financial Planner’s Mindset:


Stephanie Bogan from Educe, Inc. is a nationally recognized business consultant, executive coach, keynote speaker and published author with expertise in behavioral and neuro sciences that drive success. She also specializes in business strategy, business development, operations optimization and human capital management. “Mindset is everything. If you want more or better for your practice, learn to master your mindset and experience massive shifts in your success. In business and in life, the only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves,” says Bogan.




Todd Sakoda is a compliance consultant and Principal at The Consortium specializing in RIA compliance, operations, relationship management, business development and client service. “The Consortium is excited to be participating in the initial launch of The FPA Coaches Corner. FPA has assembled a fantastic group of people and resources for its members,” says Sakoda.


John Carr is a compliance consultant and Principal at The Consortium. As Founder of Carr Butterfield, LLC law firm, he represents financial professionals throughout the United States in matters with the SEC, FINRA, DOL, state securities and insurance agencies and various courts. He understands the legal/regulatory environment of the profession, including a deep knowledge of ERISA matters. “We’re excited at the opportunity to help “coach-up” FPA members on the realities of compliance and regulation as the financial service profession continues its shift from sales and products to the comprehensive and personalized fee-only advice model utilized by investment advisers,” says Carr.


Team Development:


Sarah Dale is Founder and President of Know No Bounds and Partner at Performance Insights and serves as a practice management consultant, working with clients to identify performance obstacles and drive their Return-On-Decisions to elevate success and maximize performance. “In today’s evolving industry, we must open our minds to embracing change and seeking innovative new ways of execution! We must see beyond the obvious, hear beyond the noise and think beyond traditional normalcy. We must remember that success begins with PEOPLE not numbers and delivering the Ultimate Client Experience begins with delivering the Ultimate Team Experience,” says Dale.


Krista Sheets is President of Paragon Resources and Founder and President of Performance Insightsand focuses her services on helping teams capitalize on their most valuable asset, their people. “We are excited to be chosen as the Team Building Experts for the new FPA Coaches Corner demonstrating their strong commitment to the membership. We believe it is PEOPLE who can make or break the success of a business; our focus then, is helping financial professionals drive their ROP – Return on People,” says Sheets.


Messaging and Marketing Strategy:


Susan Kornegay, CFP®, CKA® is Co-Founder of Pathfinder Strategic Solutions and helps financial planners define or redefine their business vision, core beliefs, client experience, and marketing and communication strategies. Additional areas of expertise include business planning and implementation; team development; and business model transitions. “We are delighted to be a part of this terrific new resource for our fellow FPA members. Our goal is to make the FPA Coaches Corner the go-to spot for concepts and ideas to help financial planners tell their story clearly and effectively, as well as strategies and action plans to enable them to deliver it with confidence to exactly the people who need to hear it,” says Kornegay.




Brian Edelman is CEO of FCI and a nationally recognized cybersecurity expert specializing in financial services and has unique expertise around regulations, compliance, and cybersecurity. “I am pleased to be part of the FPA Coaches Corner and wish to help the members go from cyber scared to cyber secure and compliant,” says Edelman.


Business Growth Strategies:


Mike Brynes is Founder and President of Byrnes Consulting, LLC and a thought leader on practice management topics, including business planning, business development, client service, management effectiveness, and more. “By focusing on the topic of growth to aid financial advisers increase their business success, we feel like we are indirectly assisting their missions to help their existing clients, while also providing advice to help them win over new clients, so they can help even more people,” says Byrnes.


FPA members will be able to dive deeper into the application of the FPA Coaches Corner original content through a variety of platforms, including educational programming offered through FPA’s virtual Learning Center and the “You’re a Financial Planner, Now What?” podcast series, conversations on FPA Activate, and through thought-provoking abstracts published on the FPA Practice Management Blog. Additionally, insights into what financial planners need to be focusing on within these key areas of practice management will be featured in the April issue of the Journal of Financial Planning. FPA is also exploring opportunities to integrate these experts and their content within its 86 chapters nationwide and at FPA’s national conferences and events.


The FPA Coaches Corner and its resources are now available to FPA members at www.OneFPA.org/CoachesCorner.


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