Ebix Hosts Webinar Featuring FCI CEO Brian Edelman

Protect yourself from a costly data breach! Cyberattacks pose a threat to firms, affecting them in various ways. These attacks can result in financial losses, ransom payments, and regulatory fines. Secondly, cyberattacks can damage a firm’s reputation, destroying customer trust and loyalty. To provide more education on cybersecurity in the financial sector, Ebix and FCI have teamed up to provide powerful insight about the cybersecurity industry.


Ebix will be hosting a webinar on September 28th featuring Brian Edelman, FCI CEO and Cybersecurity professional. In this session, Brian will address the crucial topic of cybersecurity compliance and ask the attendees 13 essential questions to evaluate their companies’ security measures. From learning about endpoint security management to our Zero Trust Complete process, attendees will gain insightful tips about cybersecurity and more!


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