Cyber Bites

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Are you a seller ready to exit or gain momentum by joining a bigger firm? Are you a buyer ready to acquire a successful firm for a growing portfolio? In either case, a cybersecurity risk assessment is vital to a successful transaction strategy.

As a buyer, due diligence suggests hiring an external firm to perform a cybersecurity risk assessment of your target acquisition. Does the company have a cyber program in place? Can they evidence it? A vulnerability scan and a network penetration testing of the environment can confirm that a firm is secure and compliant – or not. As part of your negotiation, you should know in advance if additional costs will be required to bring a company into good order.

As a seller, be ready to sell! Have a cyber program in place and proactively show that your firm is secure and in compliance for value-added negotiation. A cybersecurity risk assessment enables identification of unknown vulnerabilities allowing for pre-sale remediation rather than concession of profit.

A cybersecurity risk assessment… For better negotiation!

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Prior To Acquisition: