Cyber Bites

Reboot Your Computer

One critical but simple action to significantly improve cybersecurity & system performance is routine System Reboot. As a best practice and as required by some regulations your operating system and antivirus should be maintained as the latest, most secure, version available. Important updates, patches, and fixes are continually released and installed upon system reboot. Make it a habit to restart regularly to ensure cybersecurity and speed!

Hint: If you don’t want to lose open browser tabs, enable setting to ‘restore tabs’ on restart:

  • Chrome & Edge: 3-dot menu>Settings>On Startup>Continue where left off
  • IE: Settings icon>Internet options>General>Start with tabs from last browsing session
  • Firefox: 3-horizontal bar menu >Options>General>Startup> Restore previous session
  • Safari: Main Menu>Safari> Preferences>General> Safari opens with>All Windows last session