FCI CEO Brian Edelman, to speak at Wells Fargo FiNet Annual Conference

We are thrilled to announce that Brian Edelman, the esteemed CEO of FCI and a renowned cybersecurity expert, has been invited to speak at the highly anticipated Wells Fargo FiNet Annual Conference event in Grapevine Texas on Thursday, September 28th.


As a distinguished thought leader in the industry, Brian Edelman will bring his wealth of knowledge and expertise to inspire and educate the attendees on the critical importance of cybersecurity in the financial sector. During his speaking engagement, Brian will delve into the critical topics of cybersecurity and breaches, shedding light on the latest updates, challenges, and practices in safeguarding sensitive information.


Furthermore, he will engage the audience by asking 13 thought-provoking questions designed to assess companies’ cybersecurity readiness. By addressing these questions, attendees will gain valuable insights into their own cybersecurity measures and identify areas for improvement. Thus, ultimately enhancing their overall resilience against potential threats.


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