Brian Edelman, FCI CEO & Cybersecurity Expert, featured in NAIFA’s Advisor Today article

Link to: Heightened Geopolitical Tensions Drive Cybersecurity Alerts for the Life Insurance Industry


There are alerts coming across multiple sources from regulatory bodies to industry-specific regulators, government agencies, consulting firms, and more indicating that continued tensions between Russia and Ukraine brings potential for increased cyber threat activity.


The message across all entities remains consistent: For enterprises and agencies, additional security governance, guidance, and a checklist are important to validate that cybersecurity measures are in place.


Insurance Agencies remain amongst most targeted for cybercrime since the private data they retain represents a significant pay load if breached.  Now more than ever it is advisable for the Insurance Industry to take stock of cybersecurity safeguards and strengthen protection as necessary.


To help identify and mitigate risk, FCI offers a free review of 9 Critical Controls based directly on the alerts issued by CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) & NYDFS (New York Department of Financial Services.)


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