Brian Edelman, Cybersecurity Expert and FCI CEO speaks at Finseca’s Beacon2020: A Virtual Experience

Brian Edelman, Cybersecurity Expert and FCI CEO is presenting at Beacon2020 with Jeff Reed, CISO, Advantage Insurance Network, September 16, 2020 @ 11:30 AM 

Beacon by Finseca is a virtual experience connecting attendees to exclusive new content, best-in-class professional development and a community of financial security professionals. Beacon will offer a mix of live and on-demand content from July 22 to September 30, 2020. 

Session Discussion:  

Developing an Effective Cybersecurity Ecosystem – Strategies for Managing Today’s Increasingly Complex Regulatory and Operating Environment 

Cybersecurity is an important and complex ecosystem of firms, relationships, and roles as well as regulations. Brian and Jeff will be discussing the components of a healthy cybersecurity environment inclusive of actionable recommendations that can be executed immediately to strengthen a firm’s cybersecurity and regulation compliance. 


  • Creating Effective Cyberculture 
  • Breaches Happen 
  • Increasing Cybersecurity Regulation 
  • Technical Controls 
  • Policy & Procedures 
  • Cybersecurity is a Journey 

And more! 

  • Live chat with Brian Edelman and Jeff Reed  
  • FCI Leadership Guide to Cybersecurity actionable takeaway