Support Ticket Creation

Requesting Technical Support (Ticket) using Protectit

This ticketing system enables us to deliver the highest level of technical support as efficiently available. Below you will find simple instructions on how to use the ticketing system.

1. Locating The Support Icon

The Protectit Icon can be found in your taskbar at the bottom of the screen on Windows and at the top of the screen on Macs. With this icon you will be able to open a Support Request


Expand taskbar and right click the Protectit Icon.


Click the Protectit Icon.

2. Get the Support Site

On Windows and on Macs, click on Create Support Request or Submit Support Request to get to the Protectit support site.

3. Filling The Ticket Information

3.1 Click on the Ticket Icon

3.2 Fill the ticket and click Submit

*** If your name does not appear in the ticket window, please click below to update your contact information in Protectit

4. Viewing Ticket

To view your tickets, click on View Tickets

5. Messaging

Additionally, there is a messaging agent built into the new ticketing system that IT technicians will use to request reboots, send reminders, and notify you of important information that may affect your computer.

reboot pc