Emergency Remote Operation Plan

In the event of a Significant Business Disruption where you need to work from home or a remote location

You have 3 Options

Option 1

For Current Laptop Users

If you already have a laptop protected by FCI

Be sure to bring it home every night (and do not forget that power cord!)

Nothing else to do

Option 2

For Users Wanting to Access Their Current Office Desktop Remotely

Instructions to open a support ticket

Open Ticket

FCI will need a maximum of 24 hours to install the Remote Access software

Option 3

For All Other Users

If you need to configure a new computer

Computer Requirements


Step 1

To protect your device, install FCI’s Protectit Cybersecurity software on your computer

Step 2

This is important to identify you as the user of this computer


Step 3

For Cybersecurity Assistance or if you Have Concerns About Cyber Safety

Instructions to open a support ticket

Open Ticket

Or contact FCI via telephone or email