Emergency Remote Operation Plan

In the event of a Significant Business Disruption where you need to work from home or a remote location

You have Options

Option 1

For Current Laptop Users

If you already have a laptop protected by FCI

Be sure to bring it home every night (and do not forget that power cord!)

Nothing else to do

Option 2

For Users Wanting to Access Their Current Office Desktop Remotely

  • On your current office desktop, open a Support Ticket with FCI requesting Remote Access to your Office Computer

Instructions to open a support ticket

Open Ticket

  • Make sure to leave your Office Computer ON
  • Turn OFF Sleep Mode
  • FCI will automatically install and configure the Remote Access software on your Office Computer
  • FCI will send Remote Access Login information to your Office email (the one you entered in the FCI Support Portal). Make sure you can access that email later from home.

FCI will need a maximum of 24 hours to install the Remote Access software

Option 3

For All Other Users

If you need to configure a new computer

Computer Requirements

  • A dedicated computer that no one else is using
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10 Pro or Mac Mojave (Windows 7, 8, 10 Home, Mac Catalina are not supported)
  • A unique username and complex password


Step 1

To protect your device, install FCI’s Protectit Cybersecurity software on your computer

  • Click the link provided by your firm to download the installer
  • Run the installer
  • All Cyber Settings will be enforced automatically

Step 2

This is important to identify you as the user of this computer

  • Enter your Contact Information in the FCI Portal


Step 3

For Cybersecurity Assistance or if you Have Concerns About Cyber Safety

  • Open a Support Ticket with FCI

Instructions to open a support ticket

Open Ticket

Or contact FCI via telephone or email