do you know what hackers can see?

Corporate Internet Attack Surface Assessment (CIASA)

Extend your business’s attack surface from internal networks to the farthest reaches of the internet, where attackers have full visibility.

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To Identify & Remediate Security Gaps

Reduce risk by responding effectively to issues that may damage your brand and productivity.

What's included

Assessment Scope


Host Scans & Open Ports
For 1 Domain


External Vulnerability Scans & Network Penetration Testing
For 1 IP Location


Dark Web Search for Beached Credentials
For 1 Domain

discover, classify, and manage Internet-facing assets

What is an attack surface?

An attack surface is defined as the total number of all possible entry points for unauthorized access into any system. It is the entire area of your organization and systems that is susceptible to hacking.

Assessment Details

A simple process to quickly get you a report with our recommendations.


You provide us with a domain and IP location that we will use for the assessment

Scans & Report

We run our tools to analyze your internet attack surface and prepare a report with recommendations

Conference Call

We book a call to present the findings and our recommendations.

Final Report

We send you the report.