FCI Participates in Ebix Envision 2023

FCI joined the Ebix Envision 2023 User Group & Expo held February 21–23, which brought together Ebix users and solution partners to exchange ideas and explore Ebix’s exciting vision for shaping the industry.


FCI CEO & Cybersecurity Expert, Brian Edelman, presented on FCI ExchangeSync for Ebix SmartOffice, a cybersecurity integration that secures data by synchronizing nonpublic information without accessing or storing it.


In today’s business world, people use a CRM, such as Ebix SmartOffice, as well as Outlook. Both systems store important information about contacts, appointments, tasks and emails. These systems are not designed to talk to each other causing users to end up with two sets of partial information. ExchangeSync is an innovative cybersecurity synchronization tool that securely connects Outlook and SmartOffice without plugins.


For more information about FCI please visit: www.fcicyber.com


About Ebix, Inc.
With approximately 200 offices across 6 continents, Ebix, Inc., (NASDAQ: EBIX) endeavors to provide on-demand software and e-commerce services to the insurance, financial services, travel, healthcare and e-learning industries. In the Insurance sector, Ebix’s main focus is to develop and deploy a wide variety of insurance and reinsurance exchanges on an on-demand basis, while also, providing Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) enterprise solutions in the area of CRM, front-end & back-end systems, outsourced administration and risk compliance services, around the world.