Complimentary Partnerships

For The Benefit of Our Common Clients


From Regulators & Enterprises

Since MSP/IT firms are accessing private data, they should not be responsible for their security


Between IT & Cyber Services

Roles and responsibilities must be clearly defined and assigned to ensure checks and balances


Better Security & User Experience

The Program leverages both firms’ expertise and strengths to deliver increased security and compliance

Roles & Responsibilities

Services Delineation & Separation of Duties


Data Controls

SOAR / Cyber

Technical Controls

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Our MSP Partners

Recognized for the Quality of their Workmanship
Kimberly, WI
Omaha, NE
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Having a Security & Compliance team was something that we needed as an MSP to have a complete stack of services to transition to an MSSP. Our partnership with FCI allowed us to position ahead of the competition as we can offer these services to our clients with virtually no overhead on our part.”

Cesar Avila, CIO

Cincinnati, OH

“Prospera chose to collaborate with FCI because of a shared interest in IT security while creating a unique blend of each organization’s strengths. Each of us brings something to the table, creating greater value for our clients. FCI provides us with a vast array of information security resources – but the most vital one is the level of interaction and transparency.

Bill Houk, President

New York, NY

“FCI’s team is undoubtedly the most talented group of cybersecurity professionals we have come in contact with. We are extremely excited to be included in the MSP Partnership and are looking forward to continuing to provide the IT Infrastructure Service & Solutions our clients need to maintain a secure and safe workplace in the future!”

Nick Manginello, President

New York, NY

“We are very happy with our relationship with FCI and being a participant in the MSP program, which ensures alignment between Voltek and FCI to better serve our common, regulated clients. They have a great team of cybersecurity experts and with their annual Technical Controls Security Assessment we are confident in promoting FCI cybersecurity to our clients and prospects.”

Luis Marcelino, President