Cybersecurity Policy Enforcement System

For Enterprises with Independent Sales Offices

  • Integrates with enterprise applications
  • Protects private data and provides evidence of compliance of technical control requirements (FINRA, SEC, NAIC, NYDFS, etc.)
  • Seamlessly delivers and remediates cyber compliance, tools and settings to endpoints 

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Identify, Protect, then Connect

How We Evidence Compliance of Technical Controls Before Allowing Access to Private Data

User logins

End-user logs in to Enterprise applications


The system detects if the endpoint is in compliance and protected – Delivered by Workplace Frontline


Cyber Tools and Services, including 24×7 monitoring and incident response, ensure the device’s security and compliance – Delivered by FCI


Compliance and protection deficiencies are automatically remediated according to the Enterprise WISP (Written Information Security Policy) – Delivered by FCI

Cyber Compliance

Evidence of compliance at the time of accessing private data – Delivered by FCI and Workplace Frontline

User Access Granted!

The end-user is granted access to the Enterprise applications and to private data

Top 10 Risks & Issues

With Independent Sales Offices & Representatives

  • Misunderstanding how to meet cyber regulations​
  • Technical Controls are too-big of a project
  • Underestimating the cost of a breach and regulatory actions
  • High cost of manual or inefficient delivery of cyber tools
  • Local IT team trying to do Cybersecurity
  • Local IT team accessing private data
  • Unknown and unsecure BYOD outside the local IT-controlled network
  • Counting on end-users to fix cyber issues on their computers
  • Attestation with no evidence of cyber compliance
  • Lack of incident response expertise

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FCI is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) dedicated to the Financial Services Industry that blends best-of-breed technologies, best practices, expertise and innovation to deliver a cloud-based Cybersecurity Policy Enforcement System for enterprises with independent sales offices and advisors of all sizes. Since 1995, FCI protects private data, provides evidence of compliance of technical control requirements (FINRA, SEC, NAIC, NYDFS, etc.), and seamlessly delivers and remediates cyber compliance, tools and settings to endpoints. FCI cybersecurity monitoring and incident response is on 24/7, 365 days/year.

Workplace by OS33 is a suite of turnkey SaaS solutions that enables compliance, security and productivity for regulated financial firms. The New York-based company focuses on working with enterprise-scale Broker-Dealers, insurance companies, financial institutions who leverage independent reps/advisors, and RIAs affiliated with the nation's top custodians.

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